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The following two books are recommended when you're interested in Alkaline Water and Water Ionizers. The first one is even for FREE. Enjoy reading!

I. The Secret of Life-Giving Water: The Right Knowledge Will Make You Healthy by Dr. Kim Young Kwi Free Alkaline Water Book

Kim Young Kwi Book

"Is it the kind of water that has strong oxidation potential? Or is it the kind of water which has strong deoxidizing potential? Water divides into these two types. Years ago Director Kim Young Kwi had recognized the importance of water. He researched water exclusively and spent many years perfecting natural water made through science. He carried out empirical studies and clinical research. He published his findings and engaged in the actual treatment of difficult chronic diseases, applying his knowledge of electrolyzed water to combat diabetes, hypertension, and atopic dermatitis on many patients over the years. Now he is recognized by his peers and institutions for the results, and recently received a golden award for "Benefiting the Health and Advancement of Human Kind" from the Center for Advancement and Scientific Progress.”

"While lots of folks have a great interest in water, unfortunately there is no accepted standard of information on water; therefore no one is familiar with what separates good water from bad water. Because of this situation, Director Kim Young Kwi's new book, "The Secret of Life-Giving Water: The Right Knowledge Will Make You Healthy" is a welcome addition to the growing body of knowledge and information about water, providing the necessary and timely information and knowledge to all of us, to enable us to regain, restore, and maintain our health.”

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter One -- Water Lives Inside my Body
  • Chapter Two -- Natural Water Made by Science
  • Chapter Three -- What is a Free Radical?
  • Chapter Four -- Curing Diseases
  • Chapter Five -- Cleanse Your Blood
  • Chapter Six -- The Water Diet
  • Chapter Seven -- Escape from Constipation
  • Chapter Eight -- Avoid Rusting Your Body
  • Chapter Nine -- Why Do We Suffer from Chronic Diseases
  • Chapter Ten -- Chronic Diseases Part Two
  • Chapter Eleven -- Living with Wisdom
  • Chapter Twelve -- Health and Longevity

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II. The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water - The Definitive Guide to the World's Healthiest Substance by Bob McCauley

Alkaline Ionized Water Book

In order to be healthy we need only do three things: Alkalize, hydrate and detoxify the body. If we accomplish this, we can prevent and even cure the body of any disease. All we need to know is how to achieve this. Ionized Water accomplishes all these things and much more. It alkalizes, hydrates and detoxifies the body more effectively than any other substance. No other water can accomplish this. Running normal tap water through a water ionizer creates a miracle that can help put your body into a position of health you never imagined you could achieve. … Ionized Water is not only the best water we can drink, it is the best substance we can possibly put in our body. Consumption of Ionized Water is critical if we wish to bring the body into balance, a state known as homeostasis. … (Excerpt from this book)

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