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Acidosis - Reasons for pH Imbalance

Acidosis, also known as the over-acidification of our body, describes an increased acidity within the body, measured by an acidic pH value. The pH becomes too acidic when it falls below 7.35 on the pH scale. A neutral pH ranges from 7.35 to 7.45; everything above 7.45 is called Alkalosis.

Acidosis - Body pH Imbalance

What are the reasons for the decline or rise of the body pH value, how can we prevent it and are there any health risks?

The reason for a decline of our body pH value into the acidic range is - for the most part - our nutrition, the foods we consume in our daily diet. Our modern lifestyles as well as the agricultural situation (use of pesticides, herbicides, etc.) have led to an unhealthy and unbalanced food intake.

The average Western diet contains of way to much acid forming foods, such as fast food, meat, milk, yeast-products like bread, processed food, coffee, sodas, etc. Imagine: a coke has a pH of 2.5. As learned before, the ideal pH should be between 7.35 and 7.45.

Unfortunately, our bodies are not able to handle the intake of this much acidic foods, resulting in the over-acidification of our body (Acidosis). The health risks are significant as Acidosis is a major root of sickness and disease – we'll show you why:

A healthy pH balanced body always has enough alkaline depots stored to battle diseases, infections as well as viruses. If our diet mainly consists of acid forming foods, this excessive acid must be continuously neutralized or stored by our body. As a result, our alkaline reserves will be constantly used up, leaving our bodies fragile and vulnerably to catch multiple diseases or infections.

Symptoms of Acidosis are not only overweight, but also joint pain, osteoporosis, allergies, acne, chronic fatigue, headaches, heart problems, infections and many more (for all symptoms here: Acidosis Symptoms).

What can we do to prevent Acidosis (pH Imbalance)?

You can control your body pH balance by changing your diet and lifestyle. Changes include:

  • Alkaline Diet: Eat at least 75% alkaline forming foods (veggies, seeds, grains, soy products), and not more than 25% acidic foods such as meat, dairy products, sweets, coffee, etc. ( See Alkaline Foods List)
  • Drink plenty of Alkaline Water: Either use pH drops or a Water Ionizer to make alkaline water at home. Drink 2-3 liters of alkaline water everyday.
  • Supplement your diet with Alkaline Green Powder, such as Innerlight Supergreens
  • Exercise regularly and moderately: While excessive exercise can further worsen your acidic problems due to lactic acid build-up, balanced and moderate exercise has an alkalizing effect to the body. Try walking, hiking, jogging or an other sport - but do not push yourself to the limit.
  • Avoid stress and anger: All negative emotions can create an unhealthy acidic environment. So try to relax for at least a couple of hours everyday, don't let your anger control you, think positive, maybe try new things such as yoga or meditation classes.

>> See here for detailed description of Acidosis Symptoms

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