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What is Alkaline Water?
What exactly is Alkaline Water? What is Electrolysis? How can Alkaline Water improve my Health? How to make Alkaline Water at Home?

Alkaline Water & Health
Alkaline Water is a natural antioxidant which is able to neutralize free radicals and therefore helping the body to protect against heart disease, strokes, and other common ailments. Moreover it helps to restore a healthy pH Balance.

Water Ionizer: Why should I buy an Alkaline Water Ionizer?
What happens inside an Ionizer? What is so unique about Alkaline Water Ionizers? Which Ionizer is the best for my needs?

Water Ionizer: Alkaline Water Benefits / Alkaline Water Uses
Alkaline Water Benefits include health benefits such as neutralizing free radicals and regaining pH Balance, taste benefits as well as other benefits such as watering plants, feeding pets, etc.

Water Ionizer: Acidic Water Benefits / Acidic Water Uses
Acidic Water Benefits include body & hair care, the treatment of eczema, reducing inflammation as well as benefits while cooking, cleaning and washing.

pH Drops: Why should I buy Alkaline pH Drops?
What are alkaline pH Drops? How do they work? As well as a brief introduction about Innerlight's powerful Prime pH drops.

pH Balance: Acidosis - Reasons for pH Imbalance
What are the reasons for the decline or rise of the body pH? How can we prevent Acidosis (pH imbalance) and what are the health risks?

pH Balance: Acidosis Symptoms
Symptoms of Acidosis include overweight, underweight, heart problems, allergies, migraines, infections, constipation, joint pain, arthritis, skin problems and many more.

Clinical Studies: Alkaline Water & Diabetes
Clinical Study which shows the effect of treating diabetes with Alkaline Water.

Clinical Studies: Alkaline Water & Eczema
Clinical Study which shows the effect of treating Eczema with Alkaline Water.

Clinical Studies: Alkaline Water & Obesity
Clinical Study which shows the effect of reducing obesity with Alkaline Water.

Literature: Alkaline Water Books / Water Ionizer Books
Recommended Books about Alkaline Water and Ionizers. Free E-Book about the Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water is available.

Literature: Dr Robert O Young - The pH Miracle Book
Introduction of Dr Robert O. Young's famous "pH Miracle Book", as well as its sequels "The pH Miracle For Weight Loss" and "The pH Miracle For Diabetes".

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