Alkaline Water Facts

All you need to know about Alkaline Water, Water Ionizers & pH Drops!

Why Should I Buy A Water Ionizer?

Alkaline water produced by a Water Ionizer is characterized by a pH of 9.5 or more. A regularly consumption of this kind of electrolyzed water not only helps our body to naturally achieve pH balance and eventually get rid of all acid wastes stored within the body, but it is also able to neutralize free radicals (antixidants!) and therefore reverse aging.

What exactly happens inside a Water Ionizer?

A Water Ionizer is about the size of a coffee maker. It is usually attached to your water supply in the kitchen – a plastic hose connects the faucet with the ionizer. It is very easy to install, so there’s no need to get a plumber to get it work.

Inside most Water Ionizers (at least the good-quality ones), the water first passes through an activated charcoal filter, which removes most of the contaminants and pollutants found in municipal water. After the filtration process, the water flows into a platinum-coated titanium electrodes chamber. Here is where the Electrolysis will take place...

What exactly is Electrolysis?

A Water Ionizer is able to break up the usual water molecules (H2O) and change them into OH- molecules. This process is called Electrolysis. By doing this, loads of oxygen is added to the water, and it is transformed into a natural and very powerful antioxidant – similar to orange juice, but even more powerful.

Electrolysis produces two streams of water – one alkaline and one acidic stream.

  1. The alkaline water, also called reduced ionized water, can be used for drinking as well as cooking.
  2. The acidic water, also called oxidized water, comes out of a separate hose and can be used as a sterilizer. Uses are among others: washing your hands, cleaning foods or utensils in the kitchen, as well as treating wounds or eczema.

What is so unique about a Water Ionizer?

The resultant water of an Ionizer is very different from what you get out of ordinary water filters or from magnetic devices.

The benefits of alkaline ionized water are abundant, including health benefits such as neutralizing free radicals, lowering blood pressure or preventing heart diseases; taste benefits, as well as other benefits while cleaning and feeding your pets.
(Detailed Description of Alkaline Water Benefits)

The benefits of acidic water include body & hair care, cooking, cleaning, washing & many more. (Detailed Description of Acidic Water Benefits)

Which Water Ionizer should I buy?

There are a few companies offering premium Water Ionizers, which also vary in quality, price and features.

Alkaline Water PitcherPitcher of Life Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Pitcher of LIFE increases the water pH and adds beneficial minerals like Calcium and Magnesium to the water. Moreover, it changes the water's Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) from positive which is oxidative, to negative, which is beneficial.
pH Performance: pH 9 - 9.5 (ranges due to source water variations)
Filter life: Replacement filters last 40 gallons or 2 months
PLUS: One year manufacturer's warranty

Price at US$49.95


7 Plate Water IonizerAqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer

This water ionizer offers an advanced 7-Electroplate Technology - it has 7 platinum coated titanium, long-life, durable, energy-efficient plates
pH Performance: 4.5 to 11 pH
ORP Performance: +600 to -850mV
PLUS: Self-Cleaning
PLUS: Limited Lifetime Warranty

List Price: US$1999.97
Sale Price Amazon: only US$845.00 (FREE Shipping)


Chanson Water IonizerChanson Violet Water Ionizer

5 Titanuim Electrodes with Nano Plated Platinum
7 pH levels: 4 alkaline water, 1 neutral water, and 2 acidic water levels. 2.5 to 11.7 (depending on source water)
PLUS: Advanced Self-Clean Function
PLUS: 5 Years Warranty

Price: US$1295.00 (Free Shipping)

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