Alkaline Water Facts

All you need to know about Alkaline Water, Water Ionizers & pH Drops!

What exactly is Alkaline Ionized Water?

Alkaline Water, also known as Ionized Water, Alkaline Ionized Water, Reduced Water, Electrolyzed Water or Microwater, is oxygenated drinking water produced by electrolysis.

What is Electrolysis?

Through electrolysis, the normal tap water molecules (H2O) which consist of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom are split up into two separate streams of water:

  1. OH- or Alkaline Water: One atom of oxygen and one negatively charged hydrogen atom (OH-); the latter called hydroxyl Ion. This strong and pure Ion is able to detect and neutralize free radicals, thus acting as a powerful, natural antioxidant which can block cellular damage within our body.
  2. +HO or Acidic Water: Acidic Water is great for antibacterial cleansing, hair rinse, the treatment of eczema, etc.

How exactly can Alkaline Water improve my Health?

Normal tap water has a pH of approximately 7, which is neutral on the pH scale (0 to 14). When measured with an ORP (oxidation potential) meter, the redox potential of tap water is around +400 to +500 mV. Because of its positive redox potential, normal tap water oxidizes other molecules, thus depriving our body of electrons in form of energy.

On the other hand, alkaline ionized water has a negative redox potential of approximately -250 to -350 mV. This means it has a large mass of excess electrons ready to donate to electron-thieving active oxygen. Alkaline water is therefore able to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals within the body – in other words retarding the aging process.

Moreover, alkaline water not only offers an excess amount of electrons, but also hydrates our cells up to six times more effectively than normal tap water or bottled water. This is able thanks to the so-called micro clustering – through electrolysis, the water molecules are drawn together much more closely, thus providing our cells with more water.

In summary, when you drink pure, Alkaline Water it is not only absorbed more effectively by your cells, but its antioxidant powers can stop or even reverse degenerative diseases like cancer or arthritis and chronic diseases as allergies and acne. Moreover, alkaline ionized water will eventually flush out all toxins build up in your body, balance your body pH to a healthy slightly alkaline range and help to increase your energy levels.

How to make Alkaline Water at Home?

There are two options to produce Alkaline Water at Home:

  1. Purchase an Alkaline Water Ionizer: An Ionizers is able to break up the usual water molecules and change them into OH- molecules (electrolysis). Here you'll find a list of affordable water ionizers, starting from US$ 17.95.
  2. Purchase Alkaline pH Drops: Alkalizing pH drops are colorless, odorless as well as tasteless. They are added to tap water, reverse osmosis water or bottled water to raise the water's alkalinity up to 9,5 pH. Learn here where to buy alkaline pH drops.


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